Frequently Asked Questions

All visits are confidential. SHC charges, including co-payments, are posted to your account using general, nondescript terms, such as “Student Health Center Co-Payment,” or “Student Health Center Pharmacy Charge,” etc. These terms protect your right to privacy as a patient.

We do not accept payment. Any charges that do occur are put on your student receivables account. Students Receivables will bill you at a later date.

No. You must be enrolled as a student to be eligible for treatment.

Yes. Our pharmacy offers a variety of BCPs at discounted prices.

No, we do not. Our specialty is the college-age patient. Our medical professionals are experienced and trained to focus on the health needs of University of Alabama students.

No, we do not. If you need the name of a dentist or optometrist, we can provide you with a referral.

You can call the quality improvement coordinator at (205) 348-3877 or fill out the patient satisfaction surveys.

You may pay the premium either annually, quarterly. Spring and summer terms are available.

No, coverage ends upon graduation however, a continuation plan is available upon request.

Yes, you can purchase coverage for your spouse and your children. However, we do not treat spouses or dependents at the SHC.