Health Promotion and Wellness

The Department of Health Promotion and Wellness (HPW) offers individual and group education on a variety of health topics as well as presentations for student organizations and classes, special health awareness events and resources for students with academic projects. Contact HPW at (205) 348-3878 to schedule an appointment, request a program or for additional information.

HPW collaborates with The University of Alabama students, faculty and staff to promote a healthy campus environment, enhance student well-being and foster student empowerment to achieve optional health and academic success. Our seven strategic health areas are noted below and can be found in the wheel to the left. For more information on our strategic teams, please visit their website.

If you are interested in building leadership skills, promoting health and wellness and mentoring your peers, HPW’s student organizations are for you. The groups, staffed with undergraduate volunteers and interns, are available to residence halls, student organizations, Greek houses and community groups. We also have weekly outreach programming on campus totaling 50+ hours per week. Our two student organizations are Project Health and Gamma. Project Health is a registered student organization at The University whose purpose is to provide students with peer support, education and awareness on issues that are considered to be national college health concerns, serving as a liaison between the Student Health Center and The University of Alabama. This is in efforts to encourage students to consider and adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy decision-making while in college. The goal of Project Health Peer Educators is to provide their peers with information and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. This is achieved through the planning and implementation of informal and interactive programs, workshops, and displays relating to various college health issues. Gamma’s purpose is to provide peer health education within the Greek community, as well as the UA campus. Members of Gamma serve not only as liaisons to her respective Greek chapter, but also as peer mentors to the UA campus.

Strategic Health Areas

Alcohol and Other Drugs

HPW administers AlcoholEdu for College for the University of Alabama, and offers a number of workshops and awareness programs about alcohol, drugs and related issues. Topics include tips for responsible drinking, alternative activities to drinking, alcohol use and healthy relationships and the physical effects of alcohol and drug use.


Tobacco cessation resources and information is available. HPW works with campus partners to advocate for a 100% indoor and outdoor campus-wide tobacco-free environment.


Individual consultation is available with a registered dietitian. Group sessions on healthy eating and weight management are offered periodically. The department is also availabel for group presentation on a variety of topics related to nutrition. Appointments with the dietitian are scheduled by calling (205) 348-2778.

Eating Disorders

Counseling by a registered dietitian is available as part of the team approach to treatment of eating disorders. Appropriate referral care can be arranged. The department also coordinates education and awareness programs on the issue and has a variety of information and materials. Nutrition appointments for eating disorders can be made by calling (205) 348-2778.

Mental Health, Depression and Suicide

HPW administers MentalHealthEdu for faculty, staff, student employees and student leaders. This prevention education program promotes understanding, awareness and positive involvement surrounding the issues of stress and distress among college students.

Financial Health, Debt Management and Gambling

HPW administers the Transit Financial Wellness program for The University and coordinates workshops and presentation on financial literacy for the student body.

Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships

Individual sessions and group educational programs are available on sexual risks and behaviors, sexually transmitted infections, contraception, safer sex practices, intimate partner relationships, roommate relationships and relationships of every kind.

Meet Our Staff

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