Peer Education

Project Health is a registered student organization at The University whose purpose is to provide students with peer support, education and awareness on issues that are considered to be national college health concerns, serving as a liaison between the Student Health Center and The University of Alabama. This is in efforts to encourage students to consider and adopt a healthy lifestyle and healthy decision-making while in college.

The goal of Project Health Peer Educators is to provide their peers with information and support to encourage healthy lifestyle choices. This is achieved through the planning and implementation of informal and interactive programs, workshops, and displays relating to various college health issues.

Purpose of Project Health Peer Educators:

  • To increase students’ knowledge about making healthy lifestyle choices.
  • To increase students’ knowledge about legal and ethical issues pertaining to drug/alcohol use.
  • To educate students on how to recognize and respond to drug/alcohol related problems.
  • To encourage fellow peers to evaluate and change negative attitudes, values, and beliefs about drug/alcohol use.
  • To address issues faced by college students pertaining to sexual health, physical health and psychological health.
  • To foster positive student-faculty-community relationships

GAMMA Greek Leadership Initiative

This is the newest effort of Project Health, and its purpose is to provides peer health education within the Greek community, as well as the UA campus. Members of the Gamma chapter not only serve as liaisons to his or her respective Greek chapter, but also as peer mentors to the UA campus. This allows for tailored health education programs within the Greek community, while merging the health needs of all UA students.

Certified Peer Educator

As part of Project Health, members have the opportunity to take CHS 200 (Health and Wellness Advocacy), which is a 3 hour credit course offered in spring, interim and 2nd session summer school, that prepares students for Certification as a Peer Educator. In addition to certification preparation, this course will provide students with the opportunity to learn about the nature of Health and Wellness advocacy by increasing their knowledge and helping them to develop skills for service among their peers and within their community. Included in the intensive course will be guest lectures by local health experts, information and training specific to college health issues such as alcohol and other drugs, sexual health and healthy relationships, tobacco, nutrition, mental health, eating disorders, and financial health. In addition to gaining new information and increasing awareness of college health issues, students will have the opportunity to engage in leadership training and group projects.

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